About SAFI

Social Advancement Foundation of India (SAFI) is a non-profit registered charitable trust which came into existence in September 2001. The trust is constituted by educationists, philanthropists and social activists, with the objective of taking up academic and research programmes in the frontier areas of science and technology and humanities in order to produce highly proficient manpower. SAFI is committed to generating skilled manpower capable of providing leadership and direction at the cutting edge in science and technology particularly in life sciences. SAFI envisages the setting up of a deemed university in due course.
SAFI Official Website : www.safiindia.org

Members of the SAFI Trust

Dr. P. Mohamed Ali (Galfar) Chairman Emeritus, SAFI
Mr. T.P. Imbichammad Chairman, SAFI
Dr. Azad Moopen Vice Chairman, SAFI
Mr. Abdul Azeez K.V Vice Chairman, SAFI
Mr. C.H. Abdul Raheem General Secretary, SAFI
Mr. N.K. Mohammed Ali Secretary, SAFI
Mr. P.K. Ahammed Treasurer, SAFI
Dr. Abdussalam Ahmad President, SIAS
Mr. C.P Kunhi Mohammed Secretary, SIAS
Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman
Mr. Ameer Ahamed
Ms. Khadeeja Z. Mohamed Ali
Dr. Mubarak Pasha
Mr. K.V. Kunhammad
Dr. K.V. Ahamed Bavappa
Dr. Ataat R Khan
Mr. Abdussamad Samadani, M.P
Mr. K.V. Mohammed Zakir
Dr. T.P. Ahamed Ali
Dr. Amir Ahmed
Mr. M.A.M. Babu Moopan
Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji
Prof. K.A. Siddique Hassan
Mr. M. A. Yousuf Ali
Dr. M. Ali
Mr. Mohamed Saleem M.V
Justice V. Khalid
Dr. K.M. Aboobacker
Mr. P.V. Abdul Wahab
Mr. P.P. Hyder Haji
Mr. V.P.K. Abdulla
Dr. K.K. Usman
Mr. E.T. Mohammed Basheer, MP
Mr. Y. Abdullah Kunhi
Mr. C.M. Najeeb
Mr. Koroth Mohammed
Mr. M. Salahuddin

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