The Administrative Staff

Ms. T.T.P. Kaneez Ameer, MA Administrative Officer
Mr. Saheed. OP, MBA Chief Accountant
Ms. Shapna Nair K.K. Section Officer
Mr. Junaid A.V, M.Sc. Office Secretary
Ms. Saroja N.T., MSW Office Assistant
Mr.Shaheed K., M.Com Accountant
Mr. Ashraf K.T.,BA Cashier
Mr. Muhammed Azeez P.M System Administrator
Mr.Abdul Haque Office Boy
Mr. Salmanul Faris Office Boy
Mr. Abdul Kareem Electrician cum Plumber
Ms. Shini Aryan Matron, Ladies Hostel
Mr. Mohammed Rafi Driver cum Attender
Mr. Mohammed P.V. Driver cum Attender
Mr. Abbas Ali Driver cum Attender
Mr. Sunilkumar K. Driver cum Attender
Mr. Mohammed K. Driver cum Attender
Mr. Mujeeb Rahman Driver cum Attender
Mr. Ashraf V.M Driver cum Attender
Mr. Rafeeque K Driver cum Attender
Mr. K.C. Vijayan Watchman
Mr. P. Moideen Kutty Watchman
Mr. Abdul Azeez Watchman
Mr. Hassainar Watchman
Mr. Hydros Watchman
Ms. Sainaba T.C. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Santha K.P. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Devi V.P. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Valsala M. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Saljara. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Janaki Part time Sweeper
Mr. Chandran V. Watchman, Men's Hostel
Mr. Alavi M Watchman, Men's Hostel
Mr. Abdul Kareem Watchman, Men's Hostel
Mr.Aboobacker Watchman, Men's Hostel
Mr. Ayyappan Watchman, Men's Hostel
Ms. Vasantha. Part time Sweeper
Ms. Saroja Part time Sweeper
Ms. Kumari Part time Sweeper
Ms. Jaanu Helper, Ladies Hostel
Ms. Naseera P.V. Senior Lab Assistant
Mr. Divakaran V.K. Lab Attender
Ms. Faseela P.P. Lab Attender
Ms. Abida V. Lab Attender

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