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Leadership development is a lifelong mission which is more effective and successful when the student takes responsibility of their own development. Leadership academy will provide the students ideas and techniques to create a compelling vision, to develop personal and interpersonal skills, to understand leadership principles and values and to create their own personal leadership development plans to guide them throughout their lives. The final objective of this Academy is to bring up role model leaders with ethics and values in all fields of life.

Designation Department
Prof. E. P. Imbichikoya Chairman Principal, SIAS
Mr.Shahid T S Director Asst.Professor, Department of Physics
Mr.Muhammed Kamil TP Member Asst.Professor, Department of History
Mr.Nazrulla Khan Member Asst.Professor, Department of MCJ
Dr.Shabanamol Member Asst.Professor, Department of Microbiology
Ms. Najda Abdul Khader Member Asst.Professor, Department of English

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