• State-of-art Laboratories

    The institute is equipped with laboratories that provide the latest and the most advanced facilities. Our science departments are designed with a committed long-term objective to contribute new knowledge to the disciplines through research and development projects. High-end precision instruments help students, teachers and researchers to achieve this goal, providing both academic and professional ambience.

  • Library Complex

    The Library is housed in a beautifully built multi-storied structure and serves as an excellent academic gear for the intellectual and emotional growth of students. The library subscribes to several leading journals from across the world. The Library has a wide range of titles in each discipline and it has computerized its operations and services with standard software. There is a wide range of titles in each discipline.The Library is completely digitized.

  • Ladies and Men's Hostel

    The campus provides well-furnished hostel facility for boys and girls. The Ladies Hostel and Gents Hostel is situated in the main campus and is not just about lodging pupils. They provide good food, entertainment and a sense of being at home. Happiness and well-being of students are also a main concern.

  • Fees as prescribed by the University of Calicut

    Having a strong conviction about education being a service, the campus does not charge any extra fee from the students rather than the fees prescribed by the University.

  • No Capitation Fees

    The Institute neither demands nor accepts capitation fee. Students are chosen for admission based on their merit. A cut-off mark is also fixed for the management quota seats, beyond which no student is admitted. This is a policy adhered to in order to improve the quality of education on the campus.

  • Scholarship for Eligible Students

    Meritorious and needy students are provided with scholarships every year as the main aim of the management is "that students who are eligible for admission should not be deprived of his/her right to education because they are financially weak". The college fosters the students from backward communities as they have been pushed aside to the margins for historical reasons.

  • Disciplined Environment

    The campus is clean, picturesque and warm. A disciplined environment is the result of disciplined minds and civilized souls. With proper attention to the caliber and challenges of each student, the campus has various clubs and activities to support the students.

  • Cultural Centre

    Any good campus needs to enrich the students' cultural capital. The campus has an awesome cultural centre with a meditational ambience. The students are to imbibe values and mould loving and lovely characters so that they have a deep respect for humanity, irrespective of caste and creed.

  • Transport Facility

    The campus provides ample conveyance for students and staff from the nearest town and none needs to worry about the travel when it comes to SIAS even though the campus is located at a hill top. The bus facility from Ramanattukara, Feroke, Calicut and Oorkadavu carries the students and staff to the Institute.

  • Cafeteria

    Refreshment does matter in any academic campus. The Institute has a good cafeteria giving hygienic food and delicious drinks. The canteen is a spacious and pleasurable space with its grand panoramic view open to the Chaliyar river and the surrounding hills.

  • Sports & Games

    Sports and games is highly encouraged on the campus. Students are given training to play football, cricket, basket ball and more. The participation in athletic events is also motivated. A number of trophies have been set up to encourage active participation in sports.

  • Cooperative Store

    All stationery items and refreshments are available in this small but elegant co-operative store, currently situated in the Cafeteria building. The cost of the materials in the store is affordable to all.

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