SIAS-Centre for Scientific Research (SIAS–CSR)

Safi Institute of Advanced Study dedicated to the nation as a centre of higher education, has a superior motive of scaling greater vistas of cutting edge research in various scientific areas. With this aim, a research unit, SAFI-Centre for Scientific Research (SIAS–CSR) has been constituted with Dr. K.V. Ahamed Bavappa as Advisor and Prof. (Dr.) A. A. M. Kunhi as Director . The Centre envisages various research programmes which may be categorized under the major areas viz. Medicinal & Medical Biotechnology (MMB), Food Biotechnology (FB), Industrial Microbiology (IM), Environmental Biotechnology (EB), Plant Biotechnology (PB), Bioinformatics etc.

The research projects that are underway or in the pipeline are broadly the following:

  • Bioactive peptides and secondary metabolites from plant, animal and microbial sources for therapeutic applications as anti hypertensive drugs, antioxidants, antimicrobial or insecticidal agents .
  • Plant tissue culture for micro-propagation of important plant species and for production of valuable metabolites.
  • Development of microbial degradation processes and their application in bioremediation of soils, water bodies contaminated with pesticide residues and other hazardous chemicals.
  • Microbial production of various industrial products such as enzymes, pigments, biopolymers, secondary metabolites etc.
  • Nutraceutical values of various food components, Nutritional quality improvement of food products through supplementation with natural products, and Improvement of functional properties of food enzymes.

All the research activities are aimed at the abatement of human misery with an emphasis on high cost reduction and zero or minimal interference with environment and deliverable to mainly the lower strata of human population.

The research programmes of SIAS–CSR are carried out under the stewardship of Prof. (Dr.) A. A. M. Kunhi, Director(Research) and a former Senior Scientist of Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, India.

The Research team:

1. Dr. K. V. Ahamed Bavappa – Advisor.
2. Prof. (Dr.) A. A. M. Kunhi – Director.
3. Dr Sahaya Shibu - Dept. of Biotechnology.
4. Dr. Servin Wesley - Dept. of Biotechnology.
5. Ms. Vidhuna Sadanandan - Dept. of Biotechnology.
6. Ms. Nafila P.P - Dept. of Biotechnology.
7. Dr S Manjusha - Dept. of Biotechnology.
8. Mrs. Shainy N. K. - Dept. of Microbiology.
9. Mrs. Smitha K. V. - Dept. of Microbiology.
10. Ms. Asha. B - Dept of Microbiology.
11. Dr. Sooraj S Nath - Dept of Microbiology.
12. Ms. Farha Baramy - Dept. of Microbiology.
13. Ms. Sujitha A.P - Dept. of Food Science and Technology.
14. Ms. Ramya Peter - Dept. of Food Science and Technology.
15. Dr. Shonima Govindan - Dept. of Biochemistry.
16. Ms. Anjana M - Dept. of Biochemistry.
17. Mrs. Sajina Adam - Dept. of Chemistry.
18. Mrs. Sahila M. M. Dept. of Bioinformatics.

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