The vision of SAFI envisages the speedy transformation of the backward Community into a highly progressive and resilient section of the nation. In view of this, we have established a higher educational institute, providing the most advanced PG courses, such as Food Technology, Biotechnology, Mass Communication, Islamic Studies, Commerce etc. aiming at excellence and relevance to the times.

Since the Institute is a self financing college, affiliated to the University of Calicut, the fees payable are very high and the students are required to pay the fees prescribed by the University. This situation leads to the exclusion of many meritorious aspirants, because they are financially weak. As SAFI aims at the total advancement of the backward sections, we have established a viable scholarship scheme so as to ensure inclusiveness of all sections of society in the onward march of the community. The Scholarship fund sponsors aspiring students who are academically bright, but economically weak. This scheme enables every philanthropist to be part of such social advancement and contribute liberally to the fund. This academic year 33 meritorious students have been awarded scholarship.

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