Students' Union

The office bearers of the Students' Union are elected by the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students by secret ballot from among student nominated candidates for each academic year. The class representatives are elected by their respective classes. Together with the Student Union members they form the Student Council. Under the guidance of the Staff Advisor, the Union organizes a wide range of activities such as Union Inauguration, College Day, Fine Arts Day, Sports Day and other cultural competitions.

The office bearers of the Students' Union for the academic year 2015-2016 are:

Chairman : Aseem Siyad T
Vice Chairman : Nadha Basheer K K,
Secretary : Muhammed Safvan S
Joint Secretary : Arsha Ashraf
Fine Arts Secretary : Ali Akbar
General Sports Captain : Feroze Mohammed Khan
Students Editor : Hafeeda
University Union Counsellors : Vishnu M.E, Muhammed Basheer T

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