Our Vision

SAFI will strive for the transformation of backward people into a society competent in every respect to meet the challenges of the modern world, always upholding high ethical and moral values, achieving excellence in social, educational and economic spheres through their intellectual dynamism. SAFI envisages the creation of a society stronger and more resilient than ever before, a society that will share the bounties of the earth equally with others in every sphere, helping the emergence of competent leaders in every field.

Our Mission

Education powered transformation of the society into a self-confident and vibrant community capable of facing the challenges of the future will be the major concern of the SAFI Foundation. Establishment of world class centers of learning and research in the frontier areas of sciences and the humanities is of paramount significance for the realization of the full potential and for bringing out the best in the society and for enabling the free flow of creative energy to achieve the ambitious goals. The aim shall be to develop these centres of learning and research as world class centres deciding the direction of science and technology.

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