Women's Cell

A women’s cell is functioning in the college with the goal of empowering the women community in the college. One of the lady staff members is the convener of this cell. Various awareness programs, seminars, soft skill development programs etc. are conducted by the cell.

A counseling cell for all students is also functioning under this cell. In Kerala, with respect to education at the graduate and post graduate levels, girl students out number of boys. More than 70% of students in colleges are girls. Thus any problem faced in college is somehow or other related to girls. Hence women’s cell in campuses provides a solace for them, which will look after their special needs and help them to overcome the lack caused by years of suppression and dependence. The Women Cell comprises of a Convener, and a lady representative from each Department, representatives from the student body and the Women’s hostel. The Women Cell in Safi Institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor, was formed in the year 2010.

The Women Development Cell –UDAAN of SIAS(2017-2018) was officially inaugurated by Dr. Mallika .M.G (Asst. professor ,Dept. of Economics , Zamorians Guruvayoorappan College) on 12/07/2017 .The topic of talk was “Women Empowerment”. She enlightened the concept of empowerment by sharing her own life experiences. She explained the importance of keeping high level confidence for better decision making capabilities. The talk was really interesting and informative. All staff and students of SIAS attended the session.

Women's Cell focused on the following Objectives:

-To enhance self-esteem and quality of life.
-To eliminate the gender disparity, especially in academic life.
-To cultivate leadership skills in women.
-To create awareness about the social problems faced by women and to work for the uplift of women.
-To make women realize their equal responsibility in building a society.
-To resolve issues pertaining to girl’s/women’s sexual harassment.
-To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redress-al of grievances.
-To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college.
-To ensure personality along with academic development of students.
-Create General legal awareness in girl students.
-Create Awareness among girl students regarding issues related to Women health.
-Prevention of ragging.
-Counselling unit and provide Counselling if necessary.
-Provide coaching to students in special skills which involved craft, and other aesthetic skills.
-Equipping the girl students to have a positive thinking and a spirit of self confidence among the girl students.
-Conducting seminars, extension lectures, debates and speech competitions with a special emphasis on women and their role in the present-day society.

Members of SIAS Women's Cell (2017-2018)

Name Department Designation Mobile
(Dr)P.V. Basheer Ahammed Principal Chief patron 9847594627
Mrs, Shainy N .K. Asst.Professor, Microbiology Convener 9495992839
Manju Susan Asst.Professor, Computer Science Member 8547576861
Ms. Shyni .P Asst.Professor, Commerce Member 9946272484
Ms.Rakhi Asst.Professor, Chemistry Member 9645290317
Ms. Renjini Asst.Professor, Economics Member 9847609282
Ms Asha B. Asst.Professor, Microbiology Member 8606583861
Ms.Faseela Asst.Professor, Mathematics Members 9895143417
Ms. Nikhat Mushir Asst.Professor, Islamic studies Members 9958118236
Ms. Nasrin Asst.Professor, statistics Members 9895352857
Mr.Mansoor Ali Asst.Professor, Computer Science Members 9995757397
Ms. Kaneez Ameer Office Representative Members 9447445898
Ms.Ferrin Student Representative, M.Com Members 8606300276

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